Technology Overview

Veritide's technology uses optical techniques to reliably
detect and identify food microorganisms and contaminants.

Our non-invasive optical techniques are flexible and rapid and are based on many years of extensive research and development.


Potential applications for Veritide's technology include non-contact feces detection on meat carcasses, rapid bacteria enumeration in liquids, water quality and safety, food quality and contaminant analysis, surface hygiene validation, bacterial spore counting, biohazard detection and medical diagnosis.


Veritide’s novel technology overcomes many of the historical limitations of compact biological identification equipment. It is well suited to hand-held, desktop and in-line devices alike, along with application-specific embedded solutions.


Based on our expertise in optics, electronics, software and product development, combined with research programmes from the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland, Veritide is well setup to develop world leading food safety products.


Over recent years there have been major advances in photodetectors, LEDs, laser diodes and optics that have significantly contributed to Veritide's capabilities. These advances, when combined with Veritide's patented analysis techniques, have the required detection sensitivities and accuracy to detect low levels of bacteria and contaminants.


Veritide's broad IP and patent portfolio covers areas from bacterial spore detection, fecal detection and bacteria detection through optical techniques.

Who Are We?

Ian Hunter - CEO
Ian Hunter
Keith McConnell
Keith McConnell
Stephen Hampson
Dr Stephen Hampson
Independent Director
Stuart McKenzie
Independent Director
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Craig Tuffnell
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Scott Choi
Dr Scott Choi
James Boulton - Electronics Engineer
James Boulton
Electronics Engineer
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