Who Are We?

Ian Hunter - CEO
Ian Hunter

MBA from Harvard and a PhD in physical chemistry from Oxford followed by 16 years of senior management and business development experience.

Keith McConnell
Keith McConnell

Keith has 25 years of senior executive and governance experience in a number of different industries.

Stephen Hampson
Dr Stephen Hampson

Founder of Powerhouse Ventures and Inaugural Chief Executive of the Canterbury Innovation Incubator. Steve has had a successful career in international commercialisation.

Independent Director
Stuart McKenzie
Independent Director

Chief Executive and Managing Director of ArcActive. Previously Stuart was a partner/director of two venture capital companies involved in the development of numerous technology businesses.

Chief Technology Officer
Dr Craig Tuffnell
Chief Technology Officer

Strong background in strategy and management within the technology sector. Broad knowledge and expertise across product development and marketing. For the last 4 years Craig has been Chief Executive but recently moved into the role of Chief Technology Officer so he could focus on the technical development of the business.

Dr Scott Choi
Dr Scott Choi

Research scientist with expertise in laser spectroscopy, optical characterisation of organic and inorganic materials and detection of bacteria on food.

James Boulton - Electronics Engineer
James Boulton
Electronics Engineer

Electronics Engineer with expertise in developing innovative technology from scientific ideas.